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In a comfortable world our courage dulls, our career ambitions dilute and the strong person we know we can be fades. The coming decade of workplace change will test many of us. Our 'character' will be valued above our 'skills'. Those with a career strategy designed to keep their courage sharp and their confidence honed will rise. Those that don't will struggle. Today's task should be to begin piecing together your career strategy. Where to start?

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Do you have a career strategy. What's that? Exactly! It's something every 17-year-old should know but most 70-year-olds have never heard of. That's because we get pushed out of school with a pat-on-the-back and a 'good luck' and that's the sum total of the guidance we are given to begin navigating five decades of a working life.

I have always had a 'Courage Compass' to guide me through my careers as an army sniper, TV  cameraman, magician and online entrepreneur. Courage is the ability to face difficulty. If you tap into it, it lets you see opportunity, set a course to it and stay the course.

I teach my 'Courage Compass' because it is needed now more than ever. A perfect storm is brewing. At the same time, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is set to cause large-scale job disruption we have slipped into the habit of outsourcing personal responsibility, and-it’s-hurting-us. 

Who is the Courage Compass good for?

I give it to businesses to get their staff back on track when they’ve lost their way at work. Perfect for any businesses with a disengaged workforce.

I give it to individuals who aren’t sure how to navigate this decade of career disruption. Perfect for anyone who’s not sure what they would do if they lost their job or anyone looking considering a job change.

I give it to young adults who are launched out of the education system without much direction. Perfect for soon to graduate school leavers and tertiary students.

Being unhappy at work is not a life sentence

If you have lost your sense of hope and opportunity in your job then know this ... you’re not alone. Globally people feel deflated at work. There’s a mismatch between what employees hope for and what  jobs can deliver. There's a lot of frustration that things aren't better.

Problem is frustration often looks like the wrong attitude. Many employees are self sabotaging opportunities right at their fingertips as they stumble on, feeling  unrecognised, unappreciated, unheard.

The good news is attitude - the way you approach life and work - can be rekindled and forged into a tool that works for you, not against.

The right attitude is rare these days… and what’s rare becomes valuable. This book shows you how to become valuable, in the process elevating yourself from demanding to in demand.

This book shows you how to reclaim your worth. 

Find out how you can stand-up, get noticed and get back in control of your hopes and ambitions. 

A Unique Speaker

A magician, an army sniper and a globe trotting TV cameraman walk into a bar. No joke! I've been all three.

"I don't think we have ever had such an entertaining and educational feature at any previous sessions. The most impressive point is that each of our attendees could take something practical away that they could use on a daily basis in their workplace." Adam Westerink- Australian Institute of Radiography

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Video presenting is an essential career skill

We WILL all need to be able to present ourselves on video. Take control, learn how to present well and get a competitive edge ... all you need is half a day and a smartphone.

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"As the leader of a business it was great to see my team so engaged with a presentation which asked the hard questions about personal accountability and empowering staff to take ownership of their decisions ...We all got so much from the session"

Mark Everingham
Managing Director Personal Risk Professionals Pty Ltd

"Your presentation hit the mark to an audience that needed to hear that it's ok to make mistakes and accepting personal responsibility will unlock opportunities. You had their rapt attention."

Greg Tait
Ready For Work Project Coordinator

"Julian helped me to get my audience to really 'hear' my message. He unpicked what I had brought to the session and together we created a presentation so much clearer, more engaging and impactful. If you want to be better at communicating and presenting on video or stage then I highly recommend working with Julian."

Nicholas King
Enterprise Sales